BarcampCee 2008 Kijevā

Pāris dienas atpakaļ saņēmu jauku ziņu, ir sākusies reģsitrācija BlogcampCee.

Protams es varēju iztikt bez šī raksta, bet šodien saņēmu ziņu no AirBaltic, ka viņiem atkal ir 50 000 lētās biļetes nopērkamas līdz pirmdienai. Nenokavē, tev vēl ir iespēja braukt ar mums kopā.

Ja tālāk nelasīsi, tad zini, šī NeKoneference notiks no 17 līdz 19 oktobrim.

Dear barcampriga-en subscribers,

Blogcamp Central and Eastern Europe – – in

Kyiv, Ukraine offers new media professionals of CEE region to find new

opportunities in neighboring countries and share their experiences in

friendly barcamp atmosphere. The conference scheduled on Oct. 17-19

will also include a start-up contest with biggest European VCs on


It was a year ago when a team of Ukrainian enthusiasts staged the very

first barcamp in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe. Named Blogcamp CIS and

Blaltics, it brought together 300 new media innovators from 9

countries, mostly post-Soviet ones. A year after that Ukraine, Russia,

Latvia, Caucasus and Central Asian nations are found totally infected

with barcamping virus: over a dozen barcamps in 2008 with 200 as an

average number of participants. Barcamps in the East of Europe have

built an alternative of open and creative atmosphere supporting

networking and social mobility to overregulated official conferences

on internet business.

One year later Kyiv-campers are inviting their neighbours both from

East and West, South and North to get to know each other. 500

bloggers, new media professionals and entrepreneurs will gather in

Kyiv, Ukraine on October 17-19th for Blogcamp CEE 2008 –

New media experts and practitioners from the region will have an

opportunity to hold presentations for the international audience on up

to 5 parallel agenda tracks on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th. Public

discussions and brainstorming sessions are traditional barcamp tools

used to create an inspirational atmosphere. If you come on Friday 17th

you may also visit regional internet market orientation sessions and

get a special excursion around 1500-year-old Kyiv. Besides, you don’t

want to miss three parties – one for each Blogcamp night…

Start-up contest, –

being a Blogcamp special event, will be judged by European venture

grants (Seedcamp, Mangrove) as well as regional venture community

representing Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Baltics and Eastern European

Silicon Valley diaspora – .

Start-up teams of Central and Eastern European nations willing to

participate now have three weeks to apply for the contest until

September 28.

You don’t need a visa to visit Ukraine if you are from virtually any

part of Europe, but you need to hurry in order to settle all the

travel details if you are interested in attending

Blogcamp CEE 2008. Register to participate –

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