Month: January 2009


Today Kaspars pointed my attention to post about 7things, where he is tagged as next who needs to tell some secrets about his life 🙂 so when i read through post, i find name on the list too… so lets get started 🙂

Barcamp Baltics 2009

This year just like last year in February 6-8, in Reval Hotel Latvia will be going Barcamp Baltics 2009, just like last year, but this year in place of innovation incubator there will be Barcamp Idol, what will be funny, because it will be on half of Barcamp and half of American Idol. So we…

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New route to work

Today for the first time in this year tried new bus route, the route was changed on January 1st, and this is first working day this year, so decided to check new route. You can see in the map new and old route, red is old route, and blue is new route, in map you…

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Dakar 2009

Today started Dakar 2009 Argentina – Chile, after first stage our Latvian team biker Einars Vinters is on 12th place, but our Car teams is on 33rd, 35th and 38t. In this Dakar Rally all teams have the same chance to win, because this is first time when Dakar Rally is in South America, and…

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New start in 2009

Hello for the first time in 2009, and for the first time in English. I was long time thinking about to start writing in English, so now i decided to start publishing also English posts, because all my friends from all around the world does not know Latvian language. I know that my English is…

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