New start in 2009

Hello for the first time in 2009, and for the first time in English. I was long time thinking about to start writing in English, so now i decided to start publishing also English posts, because all my friends from all around the world does not know Latvian language. I know that my English is not so good, but i will learn and improve my English also when writing blog posts in English. If you are asking if there will be posts in Latvian? The answer is: yes, there will be posts in Latvian too, but i will try to publish most of the posts in English.

In my first English blog post i want to wish you Happy New 2009 year, full of love this year, also all shoud be good in your life. Don’t try to blame someone for crisis, but live with it, it will be better for all of people.

My blog will stay for my personal use, maybe sometime later i will share some posting with some people, let the time decide. Also I will write about my life and some technical posts may appear.

Lets start a new Year!

Happy New year

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