New route to work

Today for the first time in this year tried new bus route, the route was changed on January 1st, and this is first working day this year, so decided to check new route. You can see in the map new and old route, red is old route, and blue is new route, in map you can’t see bridge, because google maps not updated yet. The Bridge is “Dienvidu tilts” as “South Bridge”, and it was opened last year on 17th November.


In center placemark is my home, so for old route i needed 30 minutes to get to center of Riga, today my trip to Riga center was 10 minutes. Ok, in Center need additional 5 minutes to walk, but thats nothing.

Welcome to new year, fast movement from home to work year, will see today evening how long it will take to get home by this new route. Only one minus is, these buses are not so often, but for that we have site where to check timetable.

P.S. maybe someone has some hint, when Google will update Google maps for Latvia? In Riga latest update i think was in 2007 year, when new bridge was started to build.

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