Today Kaspars pointed my attention to post about 7things, where he is tagged as next who needs to tell some secrets about his life 🙂 so when i read through post, i find name on the list too… so lets get started 🙂

  • I was big looser in school;
  • After one year going to new school, i was throwed out with 9 unsuccessful ratings from 16;
  • On year 2000 i was in army, what was biggest nightmare in my life, and also millennium awaited there :(;
  • I will marry my girlfriend this year;
  • My first homepage was on times.lv html hosting, it was our private irc channel homepage;
  • When i was younger, i was not so fat, i was lean, started to grow after army;
  • My carrier with computers started with web design, now i can’t draw nothing, all is forgoten.

So there are 7 facts that you maybe didn’t know about me.

Relay is going to:

  • Kristina – Because i dunno anyting about her.
  • Bektour – About him i don’t know anything too.
  • Artis – He is so silent for some time.
  • Andris – He is nice guy, will need to know more about him.
  • Kaspars – I like the way he writes about wordpress.
  • Artūrs – we know about him all, and nothing.
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