Midnight Commander is back on track

Las month, i found post in my RSS about Midnight commander’s another fork (Russian), who is made by Russian developers. They needed Cyrilic in MC, and they made own fork of Midnight’s Commander source. In January 2009 SlavaZ announced (Russian), that their fork is being synced with official tree, and after month or two there will be new official release of Midnight Commander.

5 hours ago in official

Midnight’s Commander site was released mc-4.6.2.tar.gz, some changes, that i needed:

- Added a micro helper library in order to go slowly
avay from glib (Closes: #157)
- Use static strings as section entries in ~/.mc/history
WARNING!: This will break old files (Closes: #50)
- Fixed a repaint issue when clicking on the "View" Button instead
of using F3 (Closes: #35)
- Removed obsolete autoconf macros (Closes: #133)
- Fix escaping for command line completion (Closes: #147)
- prevent mc from segfaulting when getting invalid timestamps on files (Closes: #96)
- Fixed a keybord issue when running mc via a putty console (Closes: #203)
- setted pty fd to closeonexec (on subshell) (Closes: #174)
- Fixed file renames, when copying/moving is performed
into deleted directories. (Closes: #181)
- Add an option to show executables first in the panels (Closes: #173)
- Fixed concat_dir_and_file if there is a parameter = NULL (Closes: #180)
- Allow out-of-tree builds (Closes: #224, #208)

But as i’am not being patient, found Gentoo ebuild for that build, so i have builded mc-4.6.3 (Russian fork), but for now you may compile or download your distribution package of mc-4.6.2.

Its nice to see when some software is reveled from death, after almost four years.

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