Eurovision 2009

This Year my vote goes to Trianas Parks, who made good show, also song is good, but in contest for artist who would go to Eurovision 2009 in Moscow winner is Intars Busulis, who singed song in Latvian in our contest, and the same song in Russian he will sing in Moscow.

I will make own voting so here are Intars Busulis Audio for song in russian, and Trianas Parks song.

Intars Busulis – Probka


Triānas Parks – Call me any time you need a problem

[youtube: 500 410]

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5 Replies to “Eurovision 2009”

  1. bailes nava? ja nu kaka/laa ierauga šitos embedded tavā blogā 😉
    pats gan neskatījos to atlasi, bet busulis nebija vienīgais, kurš dziedāja “pa latviski”?

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