Look back on BarCamp Baltics 2009

This Year i was also in org-team of this event. This year event was organized very good, people said that better then last year. It’s not my opinion, it’s visitors opinion.

My personal opinion about this: The Main event weas great,

Ninja Night Afterparty was mega super duper good, and BarCamp Idol was great too.

There are some links you may not know:

  • BarCamp Idol videos you can see on delfi.tv, also there is transcription of videos available
  • Also there is lot of pictures, page one and page two of links who contributed participants…
  • Some of the presentations was uploaded on slideshare
  • We had Youtube Channel (watch our trailer below)
  • You can search on Google for barcamplv09 and you will get lot of results about Barcamp Baltics 2009

So we are open to ideas for next year’s event… You saw the web page, this year it was no so good as last year, so i’m seeking for people who would make page available for next year’s event… The work on next year’s web page must be started on August, and needs to be ready in October, right on dates when BlogCamp Cee will be.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhIuc1MImsk 500 410]

P.S. sorry for late post about Barcamp, but i had no time to do that till today 🙂

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