Big silence

Long time no see. I know that all you want to read what is happening with me, lot’s of you don’t know anything about what i do, so now i will tell you little bit whats happened and what will happen in near future.

My last post was on March 2, today is 14 of April, so what has been done in this period? I had very hard work, colleague went to month long holidays, leaving me with all his work, so had no time to to anything, just work. But i was doing not only work, some things are more necessary than work, it’s weekend relaxation, as some of you may know my favorite hobby is

water tourism, so we started in the middle of March to go to rivers and trying to catch high water level… In the end of March was Barcamp Caspian where i wanted to go, but my funds was low so i decided to skip this trip to Azerbaijan, next Barcamp is in this weekend BarCamp Central Asia in Kazakhstan’s capital Almaty. I’m not going there neither, in this time i have water tourism competition in Iecava, where my role is one of organizers of event. In this year i was on two another competitions, first was Divaja, and second one was Amata last weekend.

On March 5th i launched Latvian Twitter top, now after one month there are 241 followers and top participants, this initial version is full of bugs, but i have no time to start new versions, plans are big, but time is not so much, so if you are programmer, and want to help develop this project, send me some message… ****

Remember, you need to be Latvian to participate in this top!

Next big thing i wanted you to do is give some donations to Mareks Ruskuls, he want’s to publish his drawings, i already donated some amount, and want you to do the same, if you donate more than 4,5 EUR you will get a copy of book. Also you can buy place on logowall, logowall will be printed on the back of book.

For this time this will be all, see you next time 🙂

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